The Psychology of fake news

New Publication: Truth and the dynamics of news diffusion on Twitter

The chapter: 'Truth and the dynamics of news diffusion on Twitter', co-authored by Rob Ackland and Karl Wynn,  investigates two important aspects of misinformation: the truthfulness of the piece of information, and whether the truthfulness of the piece has an effect on its diffusion, in the context of online social networks.

Adapting research methods in COVID-19 era

In response to the challenging times, researchers from the ANU College of Arts and Social Sciences have organised a space to offer forums for discussion, ideas for redirecting research or modifying methodologies, and opportunities for networking.

Pandemic society seminar

This open online seminar will run this Monday, as two-panel discussions bringing together ANU sociologists to reflect on the emerging social relations of the pandemic.

The webinar will address how the pandemic is changing society, the sociological thinking that can help to come to terms with the changes, and the types of post-pandemic social organisations.