Wrapping-up a productive #Sunbelt2022

The XLII Social Networks Conference of the International Network for Social Network Analysis (INSNA) #Sunbelt2022 took place on July 12-16, 2022, in Cairns, Australia, providing a fully-integrated hybrid experience. Over 600 people (200+ in person and 400+ online) joined the 4-day international conference to learn and dicsuss cutting-edge research on social networks. 

The VOSON Lab main academic outputs include:

  • Pre-conference workshop - ' Collecting and Analysing Online Networks with VOSON R tools', run by Rob Ackland.
  • Research - 'An interdisciplinary approach to understanding Indigenous Australian governance networks', presented by Diane Smith (CAEPR), Francisca Borquez and Robert Ackland.

  • Research - 'Threaded Conversation Networks and Political Deliberation on Twitter During the First 2020 US Presidential Election Debate' presented by Robert Ackland (joint work with Ole Pütz; Bryan Gertzel; Indra Bock; Felix Gumbert; Florian Muhle; Matthias Orlikowski).

  • Research - 'Network-based Heuristics for Identifying Echo Chambers in Political Discussion on Twitter', presented by Mathieu O'Neil; joint work with Robert Ackland and Timothy Graham.

  • Poster -  'The Role and Impact of Social Bots in Political Conversation Networks on Twitter', presented by Bryan Gertzel.

  • Poster - 'Collecting and Analysing Online Networks with VOSON R Tools' presented by Francisca Borquez (Authors: Francisca Borquez, Bryan Gertzel and Robert Ackland)

  • Poster - 'Using network analysis to re-conceptualise the alt-right', presented by Nicholas Corbett.

The main conference organisation/hosting roles involved:

  • Rob Ackland and Francisca Borquez were part of the Organising Committee, an contributed to programme development, set up technologies, and communications.
  • The delivery of a fully-integrated hybrid experience, that allowed the participation for online and in-person attendees. Rob Ackland and Johan koskinen (University of melbourne) led the hybrid delivery technology, which involved a complex AV setting, training and support throughout the conference. 





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