People associated with the VOSON Lab

Students associated with the VOSON Lab


  • Yuanyuan Shang (PhD candidate, Australian National Centre for the Public Awareness of Science, ANU) - Yuanyuan is the principal investigator of "User behaviours and social networks on new media about scientific topics".
  • Noahlyn Maranan (PhD candidate, Political Science, Australian Defence Force Academy - UNSW Canberra). Nohalyn's thesis is on Social media and politics in the Philippines. Advisor - R. Ackland

Master (Advanced)

  • Sneha Vaidya (Master of Social Research (Advanced), ANU). Sneha's research is on social and political engagement on Twitter in India. Advisor - R. Ackland
  • Leon Colombo (Master of Social Research (Advanced), ANU). Leon's research is focused on the prevalence of uncivil discourse on social media in relation to a polarising political topic, with a focus on Twitter during the Australian marriage equality debate in 2017. Advisor - R. Ackland


  • Lawrence Rogers (3rd year BA Applied Statistics and International Relations, ANU). Lawrence is studying Twitter bots and their role in the 2016 US election. Advisor - R. Ackland

People previously associated with the VOSON Lab


  • Dr Haris Memic (Research Fellow in School of Sociology, ANU, 2015-17) - his research was focused on statistical social network analysis of online networks, with particular focus on Twitter.
  • Dr Yenn Lee (SOAS, University of London) researches in the field of digital culture and politics (with focus on the Asia-Pacific region) and taught and co-taught in the Online Research Methods masters course at ANU 2012-2013 (focusing on online qualitative methods).


  • Mahin Raissi (PhD, Australian Demographic & Social Research Institute, ANU, 2016). Her PhD research titled: "Online social networks and subjective well-being of older Australians", was on the topic of social influence in social media, focusing on social networks and successful ageing in Australia. Panel chair - R. Ackland
  • Ian Wood (PhD, Research School of Computer Science, ANU, 2016). Research titled: "Watching the unobservable - On measuring social dynamics of online social media". Advisor - R. Ackland
  • Pilar Rioseco (PhD, Australian Demographic & Social Research Institute, ANU, 2015). Research titled: "The role of social connectedness in the process of retirement in Australia". Advisor - R. Ackland
  • Minkyoung Kim (PhD, Research School of Computer Science, ANU, 2014). Research titled: "Dynamics of information diffusion". Advisor - R. Ackland

Research Assistants

  • Heather Crawford (graduated from ANU Master of Social Research in 2010) worked as a part-time research assistant and also edited the VOSON website.
  • Susannah Sabine (graduated from ANU Master of Social Research, Social Science of the Internet stream in 2010) worked as a research assistant to Robert Ackland, assisting with the chapter on WWW hyperlink networks in the NodeXL book.
  • Natalie Cooper (ANU employee, 2004-2005) worked as a research assistant to Rachel Gibson and Robert Ackland.

Software Developers and Testers

  • Lin Chen (ANU compsci masters student 2009, ANU employee 2010-2013) worked as a software developer and research assistant.  His computer science masters research project was on VOSON-sns.
  • Xiantong Chen (ANU compsci masters student 2009) worked on optimising the VOSON C++ code using concurrent programming techniques as the topic of his masters project.
  • Stephen Gray (ANU employee, 2003-2007) contributed to code relating to the interaction between PHP and perl (in particular, use of XML to pass results from perl analysis code to PHP user interface code) and implemented a new menuing system using Yahoo UI library.
  • Russell Standish (consultant, 2005) worked on incorporating web services into VOSON, including a prototype web service using gSoap, and provided general programming advice.
  • Joel McDonald (ANU employee and student, 2001-2004) contributed to code for an earlier Qt-based version of the software, and wrote the first version of the perl-based webcrawler (JSpyda).
  • Jenny Ackland has provided research assistance and assistance with documenting and bug testing the VOSON System.