The VOSON Lab was formally established in 2005 with an Australian Research Council Special Research Initiative grant. We have been researching online networks since before the era of Facebook and Twitter, and our research has been funded by several ARC grants.

Australian Research Council (ARC) Grants

International Grants

  • Socialbots as political actors? Autonomous communication technologies as tools and objects for digital sociology.
    Funded by the Australia – Germany Joint Research Co-operation Scheme 2017-18 (Universities Australia – DAAD), collaborating with Dr Florian Muhle , Faculty of Sociology, Bielefeld University. (2017-2018, Robert Ackland and Tim Graham).
  • Collaboration with Tsinghua University Beihang University and CityU-Shenzhen and others to strengthen Australia-China cooperation in computational social science and research into information diffusion in social media.
    Australia-China Science Research Fund Grant (ACSRF06323, 2013). Lexing Xie, Robert Ackland and Paul Thomas. This grant was awarded by the Department of Industry, Innovation, Science, Research and Tertiary Education.

ANU Grants

  • ANU Research School of Social Science, Cross-College Research Grant for Advanced tools and methods for analysing the role and influence of bots in social media (2018). Robert Ackland and Tim Graham.
  • ANU Vice-Chancellor's Teaching Enhancement Grant for Web Application for Teaching the Collection and Analysis of Social Media Data (2017). Robert Ackland and Tim Graham.
  • ANU College of Arts and Social Sciences Internal Grants Scheme for Obtaining new insight from big data: Humanities and social science research at scale (2014). R. Ackland, K. Bode, R. Broadhurst, D. Halpin, P. Kelly, J. Lamond, G. Roe, J. Simpson, G. Smith, C.Travis).
  • ANU Vice-Chancellor's Teaching Enhancement Grant for Computational Social Science Weblab (2013). Robert Ackland and Lexing Xie

Travel Grants