Venturini, T, De Pryck, K. Ackland, R. (2022). Bridging in network organisations: The case of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), Social Networks. Available online 10 February 2022:


Rob Ackland and Francisca Borquez are part of the Organising Committee for #Sunbelt2022, XLII International Social Networks Conference, which was held on 12-16 July 2022, in Cairns, Australia.

During the Sunbelt 2022 conference:

  • Rob Aclkland ran the pre-conference workshop' Collecting and Analysing Online Networks with VOSON R tools', Thu 7 July 2022
  • Diane Smith (CAEPR), Francisca Borquez and Robert Ackland (VOSON Lab) presented 'An interdisciplinary approach to understanding Indigenous Australian governance networks' Wed. Jul 13, 2022 

  • Robert Ackland presented 'Threaded Conversation Networks and Political Deliberation on Twitter During the First 2020 US Presidential Election Debate' joint work with Ole Pütz; Bryan Gertzel; Indra Bock; Felix Gumbert; Florian Muhle; Matthias Orlikowski, on Wed. 13 July, 2022.

  • Mathieu O'Neil presented 'Network-based Heuristics for Identifying Echo Chambers in Political Discussion on Twitter' joint work with Robert Ackland and Timothy Graham, on Thu. Jul 14, 2022.

  • Bryan Gertzel presented the poster  'The Role and Impact of Social Bots in Political Conversation Networks on Twitter' on Fri. Jul 15, 2022. 

  • Francisca Borquez presented the poster 'Collecting and Analysing Online Networks with VOSON R Tools (Authors: Francisca Borquez, Bryan Gertzel and Robert Ackland) on Thu. Jul 14, 2022. 

  • Nicholas Corbett presented the poster 'Using network analysis to re-conceptualise the alt-right' on Fri. Jul 15, 2022.


Rob Ackland, Francisca Borquez and Bryan Gertzel presented at the SAGE Publishing webinar " Analysing online networks with VOSON Lab tools",  17 March, 2022. 

Rob Ackland run the masterclass: "Intro to SNA " in the ANU Online Summer School in Political Analysis, 14-18 Feb 2022.



7-9 February 2022 - "Big Data Analysis for Social Scientists" 3-day course held at the 2022 ACSPRI Summer Program, online (R. Ackland and Bryan Gertzel) (ACSPRI page) (course page).