ASNAC2018 was held with great success

The VOSON Lab and the ANU School of Sociology hosted ASNAC 2018: The third national meeting in Australia for social network analysis (SNA) researchers and practitioners. The ASNAC conference brought together scholars from key universities and research institutes in Australia and neighbouring countries.

Dr Florian Muhle visits VOSON Lab

Dr Florian Muhle (Faculty of Sociology, Bielefeld University, Germany) visited the VOSON Lab as part of the Germany Joint Research Co-operation Scheme 2017-18 (Universities Australia – DAAD) “Socialbots as political actors? Autonomous communication technologies as tools and objects for digital sociology”.

Misinformation and Media: Mapping the Spread of News on Twitter

The event of media misinformation, defined as an "accidental statement of factually incorrect claims" - which can be "strategic or intentional", leads to raise questions on to what extent Echo Chambers (media environments where people only connect with like-minded others) and Filter Bubbles (resulting from media content being algorithmically selected to match previous consumer choices) impact p