SAGE webinar - Analysing online networks with VOSON Lab tools


A recording of the session is available on Youtube.

SAGE Blog post Analysing online networks with VOSON Lab tools

The webinar took place on 17 March, 2022, 8pm Canberra - 9am London, via Zoom. Organised and hosted by SAGE Publishing.

The webinar Analysing online networks with VOSON Lab tools, provided an overview of methods and research used to study online networks of political discussion on social media (Twitter, Hyperlinks, Reddit), using data collected with the VOSON Lab suite of open-source R tools: vosonSML, VOSON Dashboard and voson.tcn.

The VOSON Lab also presented a live demo of VOSONDash, an interactive R Shiny web application for the collection (via vosonSML), visualisation and analysis of social media network data.


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