VOSON Lab at the 2016 ACSPRI Social Science Methodology conference

As part of the Australian Consortium for Social and Political Research (ACSPRI) Social Science Methodology Conference 2016, researchers from the VOSON Lab gave the following presentations:

  • Robert Ackland gave a plenary presentation on "How is Big Data Changing the Nature and Practice of Social Science?"
  • Haris Memic and Robert Ackland co-chaired a session on "Social media, network analysis and big data"
  • Haris Memic presented on "Network Analysis of Australian Advocacy Groups on Twitter" (joint with R. Ackland)
  • Mahin Raissi presented on "Actual friends on Facebook"
  • Tim Graham (University of Queensland) presented on "Analysing the anti-vaccination movement on Facebook: ‘big data’ methods at the intersection of natural language processing and social network analysis" (joint with Naomi Smith and R. Ackland).
  • Robert Ackland and Tim Graham ran the workshop: “Collecting and analysing online social network data with SocialMediaLab”

The conference was held from 19-22 of July 2016, at the University of Sydney.

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