vosonSML is an R package that provides a suite of tools for collecting data across popular platforms (Twitter, YouTube, and Reddit) and generating different types of networks for analysis.

vosonSML is available on CRAN and Github. An early implementation of web crawler and hyperlink network generation is now available in the latest development version, on Github.

Bryan Gertzel is the lead developer and maintainer of vosonSML. vosonSML was originally created by Tim Graham and Robert Ackland, with contributions by Chung-hong Chan.


vosonSML Github page

Latest version for download, previous versions, code, vignettes and More!

vosonSML vignette

Introduction to vosonSML, latest version

More information

More information on hyperlink collection

This POST provides an introduction to collecting and creating hyperlink networks.

Obtaining API access (Twitter and Youtube)

This page provides some information on how to get API credentials for Twitter and Youtube.