The following research tools are available:

For assistance with the VOSON System or VOSON+NodeXL please email (please quote your account username)

VOSON System

This is web-based software for collection and analysis of hyperlink network data; incorporates web mining, data visualisation, and social network analysis (SNA).

Access the VOSON System! You will need to supply your username and password. Note that the VOSON System currently only works with the Firefox browser (Internet Explorer will not work!). It probably doesn't work with any other browser e.g. Safari, Chrome, Opera etc. We hope to provide support for other browsers in the future.

There are several ways you can get information on the VOSON System:

VOSON Data Provider for NodeXL

The VOSON Data Provider for NodeXL is a plug-in for NodeXL which allows you to access VOSON hyperlink network data collection services from within NodeXL.

Download VOSON+NodeXL (version released 21 Sep 2010)!

Here is how you can get information on VOSON+NodeXL:


VOSON SNSLab is a Web 2.0 online environment that has the features of a social network service (SNS) like Facebook or MySpace. SNSLab is a virtual "collaboratory" for studying online social networking (the individuals can be either real people i.e. other people experimenting with the SNS, or simulated individuals or "bots").

Enter the SNSLab demonstration site! First you will need to supply your VOSON username and password, and then you will need to create a new account for the SNSLab site.  You can create as many SNSLab accounts as you like.

SNSLab is built using the open source Drupal content management software and it is comprised of two parts: the SNS (this is built using standard Drupal modules) and VOSON-sns which is a Drupal module that enables basic analysis of the online social networks within SNSLab.

SNSLab has been developed for research and teaching at the ANU, and will be released in 2010 under an open source license.

Note: SNA data is currently updated every hour, so it may take a while before your social networking activity is reflected in the network maps and network statistics. Also note that you need to be using a web browser with SVG support (e.g. Firefox) to see the maps.

Download the VOSON SNSLab userguide!