Journal articles

Ackland, R., Gibson, R., Lusoli, W. and S. Ward (2010), "Engaging with the public? Assessing the online presence and communication practices of the nanotechnology industry," Social Science Computer Review, 28(4), 443-465. (download pre-print)

Book chapters

Ackland, R. (2010), "WWW Hyperlink Networks," Chapter 12 in D. Hansen, B. Shneiderman and M. Smith (eds), Analyzing Social Media Networks with NodeXL: Insights from a connected world. Morgan-Kaufmann. (download pre-print) Elsevier page Amazon page

Ackland, R. (2010), "'Superstar' Concentrations of Scientific Output and Recognition," in W. H. Dutton and P. W. Jeffreys (eds), World Wide Research: Reshaping the Sciences and Humanities. Cambridge, MA: The MIT Press. (download pre-print)

den Besten, M., Ackland, R., Fry, J. and R. Schroeder (2010), "Collaboration Among e-Research Projects in the UK: An Analysis Using Online Research Methods," in M. Anandarajan & A. Anandarajan eds. E-Research Collaboration: Frameworks, Tools and Techniques, Berlin: Springer.


Australian Research Council Discovery Grant DP110100446 "The institutional structure of e-government: a cross-policy, cross-country comparison" (P. Henman, R. Ackland and H. Margetts; $300,000; 2011-2013)

Seminar/workshop presentations

December 2010 – Robert Ackland and Jiaying Zhao from the Australian Demographic and Social Research Institute gave presentations on online social networks and hyperlink analysis using VOSON at the ACSPRI Social Science Methodology Conference 2010.

Training programs

ACSPRI Summer Program course on Online Research Methods, run at the ANU, January 11-15. Instructors: Robert Ackland and Susannah Sabine.