Voson.tcn: a tool for collecting Twitter conversation networks via Twitter API v2.0

The VOSON Lab has developed a new open-source package: voson.tcn, an R tool to collect tweets belonging to specified threaded conversations via Early-Access Twitter API v2 and to generate networks for analysis. The Twitter API v2 provides a new tweet identifier: the conversation ID, that is common to all tweets that are part of a conversation and can be searched for using the API search endpoints. Identifiers and associated metadata for referenced tweets can also be collected in the same search for conversation tweets, allowing us to construct twitter networks with tweet and user metadata while minimising API requests. 

`voson.tcn` is available on CRAN and GitHub. 

This post provides detailed instructions and R code to collect Twitter conversation data and to create networks with voson.tcn:  https://vosonlab.github.io/posts/2021-03-23-twitter-conversation-networks/ 

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