vosonSML reaches 25K downloads

We are pleased to see that the two main R-based tools developed at the VOSON Lab continue to be relevant and useful for academics and researchers around the world.

As of today, the vosonSML package has reached over 25K downloads (including the CRAN version 0.29.4, GitHub release 0.29.6, and SocialMediaLab - vosonSML's predecessor- downloads). The soon to be released CRAN version 0.29.9 incorporates general improvements to data collection (YouTube and Reddit),  comprehensive documentation (vignettes) and hex badge. The vosonSML vignettes compile the main functionalities and useful R code snippets to help with network and data manipulation in other R packages such as 'igraph' for network modeling and 'Rbind' for merging datasets. 

The VOSON Dashboard package- which provides a visual interface and an integrated environment for data collection,  network generation, visualisation, and analysis- has over 3500 downloads to date. Version 0.5.4 will be available via CRAN soon.

For more information on the packages visit the Github pages: vosonSML and VOSON Dashboard



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