VOSON Lab at ANSNAC 2023

Rob Ackland and Francisca Borquez have presented at the Australian Social Network Analysis Conference (ASNAC), which took place on 27-29 November, at the University of New South Wales.

Rob presented the paper 'Identifying Echo Chambers in Political Discussion Networks on Twitter' part of the Bots Building Bridges (3B) research project, an international collaboration funded by the Volkswagen Foundation. Francisca presented the poster Exploring Decentralised Online Social Networks: The Case of Mastodon, which contains the most recent development in the VOSON Lab tools: Mastodon collection, implemented by Bryan Gertzel. The poster also explores avenues for research using Mastodon data, including one example of signed online social networks.

As part of the conference program, Rob Ackland also ran the workshop Collecting and Analysing Online Networks with VOSON R tools.

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