New Publication: Truth and the dynamics of news diffusion on Twitter

The Psychology of fake news

The chapter: 'Truth and the dynamics of news diffusion on Twitter', co-authored by Rob Ackland and Karl Wynn,  investigates two important aspects of misinformation: the truthfulness of the piece of information, and whether the truthfulness of the piece has an effect on its diffusion, in the context of online social networks.

The study proposes new methods for checking the truthfulness of news stories, and for studying the dynamics of news diffusion via retweets, based on key metrics (reach, speed, and breadth).

The book: 'The Psychology of Fake News. Accepting, Sharing, and Correcting Misinformation', edited by R. Greifeneder, M. Jaffe, E. Newman and N. Schwarz, brings together leading experts from different fields within psychology and social sciences, to empirically and theoretically study the phenomenon of fake news. 




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