News 2006 - Symposium on "The Social Impact of Nanotechnology", VOSON System research and training, Sunbelt SNA Conference, and more!

September 2006 - Mathieu O'Neil gave a presentation titled "Social Capital Accumulation Strategies in Anti-Nanotech Online Networks" at the Association of Internet Researchers annual conference in Brisbane. The presentation can be found here.

August 2006 - A Symposium on "The Social Impact of Nanotechnology" was held at the ANU. The Symposium was organised by Robert Ackland and Mathieu O'Neil. For more information, please click here.

August 2006 - A VOSON workshop was held at ANU. The workshop focused on new research being conducted using the VOSON System and training in the use of the VOSON System. The workshop was attended by: Robert Ackland (ANU)Bruce Bimber (UC-Santa Barbara)Ann Evans (ANU)Rachel Gibson (University of Leicester)Dean Lusher (University of Melbourne)Wainer Lusoli (University of Chester), Binod Nepal (PhD Scholar, ANU), Mathieu O'Neil (ANU)Russell Standish (High Performance Coders)Steve Ward (Oxford Internet Institute).

July 2006 - Robert Ackland gave a presentation at the Institute for Advanced Studies, Vienna.

June 2006 - Robert Ackland gave presentations at: the Researching the Web of Knowledge Workshop at Oxford Internet Institute and the Second International Conference on e-Social Science, 28-30 June 2006, Manchester, UK.

May 2006 Robert Ackland and Mathieu O'Neil contributed to the Center for Nanotechnology in Society (UC-Santa Barbara) submission to the National Nanotechnology Coordinating Office Workshop on Public Participation and Nanotechnology, May 30-31, Arlington, Va. The VOSON-ANU briefing note can be found here.

April 2006 - Robert Ackland and Mathieu O'Neil undertook a VOSON-related overseas trip:

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