Interpretivist Methods in the Digital Age workshop

Rob Ackland and Karl Gwynn presented "Working at the intersection of critical approaches and computational methods" at the Interpretivist Methods in the Digital Age workshop. The workshop aimed to explore the intersection between interpretivist/critical methods and digital information and communication technologies.

The presentation covered the opportunities and challenges of combining computational methods and critical approaches to analysing behaviour in online social and information spaces, with reference to two recent esearch projects.

The first project (Gwynn 2019) examines incivility in the Australian political twittersphere, in order to understand how network position impacts the likelihood that a Twitter user engages in uncivil behaviour, and whether network incivility exhibits characteristics of social contagion. In the second project, Ackland and Gwynn (2020) examined how the truthfulness of news stories is related to the dynamics of their spread on Twitter.



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