Big Data Analysis for Social Scientists @Deakin

Rob Ackland will be runnig a two-day masterclass on big data and data scraping- how to do it and use it- at Deakin university. The Masterclass covers an overview of systemic approaches for studying networks on the World Wide Web, information retrieval, data visualisation and social network analysis. The focus is on the collection and analysis of social media network and text data (e.g. Twitter, Reddit, Youtube) using the following tools:

  • R and RStudio
  • VOSON Dashboard R/Shiny web app
  • vosonSML R package
  • quanteda, tidytext, and an
  • Introduction to network visualisation using Gephi

The class will be run on August 15-16, 2019 at Deakin University (Melbourne) and it is organised by the Faculty of Business and Law.

More information can be found in this LINK

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