VOSON Lab at the 1st Australian Social Network Analysis Conference

ASNAC 2016

The inaugural Australian Social Network Analysis Conference (ASNAC 2016) was held on the 16-17 of November 2016 in Hawthorn, Australia. This conference marked the first national meeting in Australia for researchers and practitioners who are working with Social Network Analysis (SNA).

Hosted by the MelNet Social Network Research Group - part of the Centre for Transformative Innovation at Swinburne University of Technology,  the conference brought together scholars from key universities and research institutes in Australia, as well as industrial partners who are working on the theory, method and application of social network analysis. 

The VOSON Lab had the following presentations:

  • Robert Ackland presented on “Measuring and Explaining Political Homophily in the Australian Twittersphere"
  • Haris Memic presented on “Dynamic Network Analysis of Australian Politicians on Twitter” (joint with R. Ackland)
  • Mathieu O’Neil presented on “Towards a theory of field/force in online activist networks” (joint with R. Ackland)
  • Timothy Graham presented on “Online networks of government: mapping and analysing Australian governments’ hyperlink networks” (joint with Paul Henman and R. Ackland)

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