Incivility on Social Media; 2nd RSSS Data Sprint

Data Sprints are inspired by hackathons organised by the open source community, and are workshops in which participants from diverse backgrounds meet physically and collaborate intensively on a pre-determined subject and dataset.

The inaugural Research School of Social Sciences Data Sprint was held 20-22 February 2019 with the theme “Dynamics of Attention in Social Media”. The theme for the 2020 RSSS Data Sprint is "Incivility on Social Media", and will focus on approaches for conceptualising incivility in online discussions (relating to, for example, politics), and the use of computational data and methods to analyse its existence and impact.

The 2nd RSSS Data Sprint will be held 18-21 February 2020 with the following format:

• Tuesday 18th & Wednesday 19th: Master classes on the collection and analysis of social network and text data from social media (with a primary focus on the R statistical software)

• Thursday 20th and Friday 21st: Data Sprint

The RSSS Data Sprint is open to staff and PhD students from CASS, and we are also inviting participation from PhD students and ECRs from elsewhere in the ANU, and other Australian universities. If you are interested in participating, please contact Prof Robert Ackland (, indicating whether you are registering for the master classes, Data Sprint, or both.

References: For more on Data Sprints, see: Munk, A. K., Meunier, A., & Venturini, T. (2016) “Data Sprints: A Collaborative Format in Digital Controversy Mapping” In Ribes, D. & J. Vertesi, J. (Eds.), DigitalSTS: A Handbook and Fieldguide.

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