June 2017

SocialMediaLab workshop - University of Exeter

Note: "vosonSML" is the new name for the R package that was previously called "SocialMediaLab". These archived documents may contain materials (e.g. R scripts) that refer to the old package. For up-to date references please visit this page.

This page provides resources for the SocialMediaLab workhsop run by Robert Ackland (Australian National University) at the University of Exeter, 30 June 2017.

The aim of the workshop is to outline the main features of SocialMediaLab. We will focus initially on YouTube data collection but will also cover the other data sources (Facebook*, Twitter) if there is interest and time permits. Below, there are also scripts covering an introduction to SNA with R/igraph and an introduction to text analysis in R: again, we will look at these if we have time, and there is interest.

If you would like to look at related content, try the SocialMediaLab page. Also, a 5-day course run earlier this year provides additional content that we will not be able to cover in this workshop.

SocialMediaLab collects Twitter, YouTube and Facebook* data from the respective free APIs. If you want to collect data you will need to arrange API access. You can find details on how to get API access here.


VOSON Lab Introduction

SocialMediaLab Workshop - background slides

R scripts:

  • Introduction to R and RStudio: Rmd, pdf [we will not cover this today...just provided here for reference]
  • SocialMediaLab Tutorial - Data Collection: Rmd, pdf
  • Introduction to SNA with igraph: Rmd, pdf
  • Introduction to Text Analysis in R - Environmental Activist Websites: Rmd, pdf


  • Facebook data collection:
    • 2015-06-23_to_2015-07-23_StopCoalSeamGasBlueMountains_FacebookData.csv
    • g_bimodal_facebook_csg.graphml
  • Twitter collection:
    • Jun_26_03_02_01_2017_AEST_auspol_TwitterData.csv
    • g_twitter_actor.graphml
  • YouTube collection:
    • Jun_26_03_12_16_2017_AEST_YoutubeData.csv
    • g_youtube_actor.graphml
  • For Introduction to SNA with igraph: Sat_Jun_27_13-04-34_2015_EST_YoutubeActorNetwork_FiveFracking.graphml
  • For Introduction to Text Analysis in R: nano2seeds_v2.csv