August 2014 - The Studying the Chinese Web workshop (研究中国互联网/ 研究中國互聯網) was held at the ANU, 31 July and 1 August 2014.  The workshop was co-hosted by VOSON/ADSRI and the Australian Centre on China in the World.  The keynote presenter was Professor Jonathan Zhu (City University of Hong Kong) who presented on “Charting the Landscape of Chinese Social Media: What We Know and What We Don’t Know from Existing Research”.

March 2014 - The Smart Sensing & Big Data Analytics: Governing through Information symposium was held at the ANU, 3-4 March 2014.  The symposium was co-organised by Gavin Smith (School of Sociology, ANU) and Robert Ackland (VOSON Project, ADSRI).

July 2014 - Robert Ackland ran a five-day course on Social Media Analysis at the ACSPRI Winter Program, University of Queensland, 7-11 July 2014.  The courses students with an introduction to social media analysis in the context of social research.  The course is designed for social researchers interested in social media, and covers methods of accessing and analysing digital trace data from websites, blogsites, Twitter and Facebook.