July 2015

CASS Big Data Analysis in R Training

Note: "vosonSML" is the new name for the R package that was previously called "SocialMediaLab". These archived documents may contain materials (e.g. R scripts) that refer to the old package. For up-to date references please visit the Training workshops page or the vosonSML page.

This is the web page for the CASS Big Data Analysis in R training session, which is being run 14-17 July 2015, Room 1.13 Coombs Extension.  Program (13/7).

The training is being run as part of the “Obtaining new insight from big data: Humanities and social science research at scale” Internal Grant, College of Arts & Social Sciences, Australian National University.

The instructors are: Dr Robert Ackland (Australian National University) & Mr Tim Graham (University of Queensland).

On this page, you can find:

R scripts used in the course

See here for some background materials, including slides on network and text analysis, and information on R.  Note: these scripts will be added to as the week progresses...

  • R refresher: R
  • Introduction to SocialMediaLab - Collecting YouTube Data: pdf, Rmd
  • Introduction to SNA with igraph: pdf, Rmd
  • Collecting Facebook data with SocialMediaLab: pdf, Rmd
  • Text analysis in R (introduction): pdf, Rmd
  • Collecting Twitter data with SocialMediaLab: pdf, Rmd
  • SNA with igraph - Part 2: pdf, Rmd
  • Text analysis in R (topic models): R
  • Text analysis in R (supervised machine learning): R
  • vosonR tutorial: pdf, Rmd
  • Dynamic network visualisation: R
  • Dynamic network analysis: R

Datasets used in the course

  • Sat_Jun_27_13-04-34_2015_EST_YoutubeActorNetwork_FiveFracking.graphml
  • rawtil4_facebook_data.csv
  • thebananagirl_facebook_data.csv
  • Tue_Jun_30_09-05-18_2015_AEST_YoutubeActorNetwork_GitHub.graphml
  • May_26_11_59_47_2015_AEST_FacebookBIMODALNetwork2_TheBananaGirl.graphml
  • StarWars_facebook_bimodal_ACSPRI_Gender_Analysis.graphml
  • abortion4_new_freqALL.csv
  • facebook_temporal_data_starwars.csv
  • Jul_02_21_01_53_2015_AEST_FacebookDynamicBimodalNetwork.graphml
  • Jul_02_16_29_44_2015_EST_FacebookDynamicBimodalNetwork_StopCoalSeamGasBlueMountains.graphml

SocialMediaLab and vosonR

We have developed two R packages that will be used in this course:

  • SocialMediaLab.  SocialMediaLab is a tool for collecting social media data and generating networks for analysis.  Version 0.16: package, documentation

  • vosonR.  vosonR is an R client for the VOSON software (for collecting and analysing WWW hyperlink networks and website text content). Note: you will need to apply for a VOSON account to use this software.  Version 0.13: package, documentation

Obtaining API access (Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, VOSON)

See here.