This is an archived page. The information may be out of date. Please see here for the latest information on SocialMediaLab.

This is the web page for the CASS Big Data Analysis in R training session, which is being run 14-17 July 2015, Room 1.13 Coombs Extension.  Program (13/7).

The training is being run as part of the “Obtaining new insight from big data: Humanities and social science research at scale” Internal Grant, College of Arts & Social Sciences, Australian National University.

The instructors are: Dr Robert Ackland (Australian National University) & Mr Tim Graham (University of Queensland).

On this page, you can find:

R scripts used in the course

See here for some background materials, including slides on network and text analysis, and information on R.  Note: these scripts will be added to as the week progresses...

  • R refresher: R
  • Introduction to SocialMediaLab - Collecting YouTube Data: pdf, Rmd
  • Introduction to SNA with igraph: pdf, Rmd
  • Collecting Facebook data with SocialMediaLab: pdf, Rmd
  • Text analysis in R (introduction): pdf, Rmd
  • Collecting Twitter data with SocialMediaLab: pdf, Rmd
  • SNA with igraph - Part 2: pdf, Rmd
  • Text analysis in R (topic models): R
  • Text analysis in R (supervised machine learning): R
  • vosonR tutorial: pdf, Rmd
  • Dynamic network visualisation: R
  • Dynamic network analysis: R

Datasets used in the course

SocialMediaLab and vosonR

We have developed two R packages that will be used in this course:

  • SocialMediaLab.  SocialMediaLab is a tool for collecting social media data and generating networks for analysis.  Version 0.16: package, documentation

  • vosonR.  vosonR is an R client for the VOSON software (for collecting and analysing WWW hyperlink networks and website text content). Note: you will need to apply for a VOSON account to use this software.  Version 0.13: package, documentation

Obtaining API access (Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, VOSON)

See here.