A selection of methodological guides using vosonSML and other open-source tools

The following guides include methodological steps, examples and code, that the VOSON Lab has developed in the context of research. The focus of these guides is on complementing vosonSML functionalities and exploring methods for data collection and analysis, using other open-source R packages and software.  All these guides ara available in the VOSON LaB Code. blog.

  1.  #DebateNight 2020: Hashtag Twitter Collection of the US Presidential Debates provides a detailed methodological guide for the bulk collection of tweets containing key hashtags and generation of networks for Analysis. The guide presents the steps undertaken, code and results of a large-scale Twitter data collection the VOSON Lab undertook in October 2020, during the US Presidential Debates. Twitter streaming API endpoint was used for a sampled real-time collection of tweets during the debates (via rtweet), and the recent search API was used post-debate to collect all tweets containing hashtags that occurred over the debate telecast periods (vosonSML). 

  2. Testing the Bot status via Botometer, in Twitter networks collected via vosonSML provides the R code to collect Twitter data and create an Actor network via vosonSML, and to identify a subset of Twitter actors in that network, via igraph. Phyton code is provided to find the bot scores via Botometer API, and R code to include those values in the network, as node attributes. 

  3. Hyperlink collection and network generation with voson.SMLThis guide provides the steps and R code involved to perform a hyperlink collection and generate networks for analysis using vosonSML. vosonSML uses standard web crawling and text-based page scraping techniques to discover hyperlinks. Two types of hyperlink networks can be generated: Activity networks - where nodes are web pages and edges the hyperlinks linking them; and Actor networks – where individual pages or site domains are nodes and edges are the hyperlinks from linking pages between domains. vosonSML web crawler implementation is available in versions 0.30.0 and above, and it is available on CRAN and GitHub

  4. Creating Twitter Networks with vosonSML using rtweet Data is an easy guide to use vosonSML to generate networks using data collected via rtweet. 


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